sound shapes

In late 2013 I did a study exploring the creation of generative forms from short spoken phrases.  I wrote some software which interpreted audio and generated different objects based upon those sonic queues. Click the image below to see some images from that study.


in august of 2012 i explored bordeaux and st. emilion france and took some pictures. click the image below to view that photoset:


urban exploration is in interesting concept to me because it acknowledges the truth that our urban landscapes are subject to the same aging and degradation that our bodies are subject to. here are some shots from an expedition i made through ‘fort tilden’ in march of 2012. click the image below to see the photoset:


tuio2midi a max4live utility I created to facilitate with the work I did on the Acura table in the Esquire House with Hush. TUIO is protocol for exchanging multitouch information.  MIDI is a protocol for encoding music note information.  This is a bridge for using multitouch interfaces to make music in ableton live.

soundfeature send

Here’s a tool which I made to analyze audio in a track in ableton live and send information about the audio via OSC ( Open Sound Control ) to a custom visualizer.  Click Here To Download Soundfeature Send for Max4Live. Stay tuned for a Soundfeature Receive patch. : )

rockband drum controller midi Interface

I started experimenting with use of the Rockband Drumset as a midi interface about a year ago. I just wanted to see if it could enable more natural sounding drum parts. Feel free to download and share at your whim, in the zip there’s a app version, but I recommend using the Max/Msp Runtime since I can be more sure …

the surface

The second piece in my visual instrument series is a multitouch membrane controller I’ve been calling the surface. It uses a usb webcam alongside a modified version of ccv to extract the location and depth of touchpoints. It then scales and converts this information into quickly repeating midi messages which can be used in the software synthesizer of your choice. …

the touchquilt

The touchquilt is the first piece in my visual instrument series. I undertook it as a means of solving some of the problems I had run into involving projection interaction with the wiimote whiteboard setup in performance. The wiimote whiteboard approach often required sensitive calibration, placement, and lighting, the touchquilt can just be plugged in via ethernet. Here’es a schematic …


this is a performance piece i created for an interactive art class at the university of georgia in 2009.


In Spring of 2010 I did a performance at the Black Box theater at the University of Georgia alongside Geisterkatzen and Ted Kuhns. My brother, Eric McGaw, filmed the event for a documentary film screening at Athfest and gave me a chance to talk about the conceptual nature of the aman amun performances as well as explain the technical side …


This performance of (12/19/2008) marked the beginning of my experimentation with projection-interaction for the use of live performance. The song is a resequencing of scapegoating, a song you can find on my record waxing. It is meant to be a conceptual exploration of taking something that is open source (the monome) and making it even more flexible and open. The …


In Winter of 2009 I worked with Justin Roberts to create an interactive installation to celebrate the destruction of the Berlin Wall. Justin, who is an extremely talented craftsman studying Dramatic Media at the University of Georgia, built a life-sized rear-projection surface which looks a lot like a segment of the wall. I wrote a java sketch which allows you …


the soundrawing project marked the beginning of my computer vision research. the pitch, volume, and brightness of the sound is analyzed and used to determine the respective color, width, and height of the paintbrush. the xy location is determined by the location of the mouth. soundrawing test from Brian McGaw on Vimeo. the sound analysis is performed using the wonderful …


My first hardware electronics project was the creation of a unique wireless foot controller. Athens sculptor Andrew Ferrer helped me create a reclined 6 sided box in which I mounted 7 sturdy pushbuttons. I then modified a bluetooth wireless keypad to be controlled by the 7 switches by following this tutorial.


this is an animation i created during my experimentations with batch processing in photoshop and illustrator. it was created for my myspace page back when myspace was relevant and they allowed for page customization.

direct manipulation video

The ‘direct manipulation video’ series consists of three experimentations I did in early 2008 with giving the user the ability to manipulate time and space using their mouse within the browser. The images are large, so please be patient as they load. The first experimentation, Unicycle, allows you to manipulate time using the left/right movement of the mouse. The second …

fractals exploration

i love fractals because the concept of the fractal succinctly describes my entire world view. an algorithm accepts a random number, scales and alters that number, and feeds it back into itself in order to choose the coordinates and color of a pixel. tons of random numbers are pumped through this algorithm and you get images like below. the following …